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Back from the range but out of your favorite CLP? We carry that too!

From stock, breech to muzzle, we have everything to keep your gun pristine.

Don’t Head Out On Range Day Without Proper Gear

Tired of annoying your significant other by saying “what” all the time? Save yourself the trouble, get some hearing and eye protection from Smitty’s Sporting Goods before you head out for the range.

Time To Clean Your Piece!

We Also Carry Knives

Woman aiming to shoot Man aiming to shoot

Smitty’s is direct with several knife brands as well, with a large variety to choose from

Need a knife, holster, gun case, or maybe just some CLP? We got you covered here at Smitty’s!


Brands like:

•  Benchmade

• Spyderco

•  Browning

•  Leatherman

•  Beretta

•  Buck

•  Blackjack knives

•  Case

•  Opinel, and more...